Langholm Parish is one of the few for which deaths have survived in the Parish records..    The list below is of Scoon(e) and linked records  in Langholm and Canonbie.    These were mainly transcribed at the Society of Genealogists in London with a few additions (including some in Canonbie and one in Wamphray) which appear in the OPR burials recently released on Scotland's People.     The data on these latter records is limited.      

1741 Apr 4 The new mort to Walter Scoon in Langholm
1790 Jun 1 John Scoon, Whitlawside(Canonbie)
1794 Nov 1 James Scoon, Catsbit (Canonbie)
1798 Mar 8 John Scoon, Catsbit (Canonbie)
1801 Apr 5 Barbara Scoon, Orchard  (Canonbie)
1802 Mar 29 Francis Scoon, a child
1803 May 14 Nelly Scoon, Claygate (Canonbie)
1806 Oct 2 Janet Hotson
1808 Dec 23 Helen Scoon, an old woman, who lived at Gateside was buried at Wamphray (Wamphray)
1814 May 30 John Scoon, a child
1820 May 4 Buried Jean Scoon daughter to Walter Scoon Smith Langholm, a child
1821 Dec 19 James Scoon son of Walter Scoon Blacksmith Langholm aged 10 weeks
1822 Apr 29 Elizabeth Young, spouse of Walter Scoon Blacksmith aged 38 years
1823 Oct 24 James son of Walter Scoon Blacksmith in Langholm aged 4 months
1824 Jul 12 Helen daughter of Robert Scoon Mason in New Langholm aged 1 year and 4 months
1835 Nov 24 Janet daughter of Walter Scoon Blacksmith Langholm aged 28 months
1838 Aug 19 Robert son of Francis Scoon, aged 2 years
1839 Feb 12 James son of Walter Scoon, Blacksmith aged 14 months
1840 Feb 13 Walter Scoon Blacksmith aged 55 years
1841 Jun 3 Robert Scoon, mason Langholm aged 74 years
1842 Feb 14 Jannet Stothart spouse of the late Walter Scoon aged 43 years
1842 Mar 15 Helen daughter to Mathew Scoon Royal Oak aged 7 years.   Buried in Cannobie.
1845 Dec 6 Elizabeth Scoon, daughter of Mr Scoon aged 8 months
1846 Mar 23 William Scoon son of Walter Scoon Blacksmith aged 18 years
1846 Sep 17 Betty daughter of F Scoon aged 7 months
1851 Oct 4 Janet daughter of John Scoon Weaver aged 16 months
1853 Jul 18 Richard son of John Scoon weaver aged 19 years

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