Deaths (Burials) from HAWICK and neighbouring parishes

This page lists entries in the Hawick Old Parish Registers for burials which mention the name Scoon.    Note that as for other Hawick OPRs, certain sections are duplicated amd double entries appear in the entries - these are marked *.    One indecipherable word is shown as ***.      Also included are the few Scoon entries for neighbouring parishes - these are followed by the relevant parish names in italics.     All these have been transcribed from the images recently released on Scotlands People.

Jul 25, 1756     Wal(ter) Scoon, Received for mortcloth at funerals (Wilton)
Nov 6, 1768     Robert Skon, child
Dec 18, 1770   John Skon
Jan 18, 1780    William Scoon, son to Robert Scoon *
Feb 06, 1780   Isabel Scoon, daughter to Robert Scoon*
Jul 10, 1783     William Scoon, son to Deceased Robert Scoon*
Oct 16, 1784   Robert Scoon, son to George Scoon*
Apr 17, 1789  George Scoon, Workman*
Jul 30, 1789    Patrick Scoon, son to deceased George Scoon*
Apr 3, 1790    Robert Scoon, son to Robert Scoon*
May, 1790      Helen Scoon, Mabonlaw (Roberton(Rox))
Jun 8, 1791     Mary Scoon, Sister to Deceased John do Todshawhill* (note the duplicate here has been wrongly indexed as 1781)
Oct 9, 1791     John Scoon, Todshawhill (Roberton(Rox))
May 4, 1792   Hel(l)en Scoon, spouse to deceased Robert Scott from Newton*
Apr 16, 1793  Jean Scoon, alias Mrs Wilson*
May 27, 1803 Margaret Scoon, spouse to Deceased Robert Brydon
Dec 2, 1803    Mary Hume, spouse to Deceased George Scoon*
Mar 16, 1807  Beatrix Turnbull, spouse to Robert Scoon, Carter*
Apr 22, 1808  Helen Murray, spouse to Robert Scoon*
Aug 28, 1808  Thomas Scoon, landweller in Selkirk (Selkirk)
Mar 27, 1816  John Scoon, Child Branxholm Park
Apr 27, 1821  James Scoon, Todshawhill
Sep 6, 1824   (unnamed), Andrew Scoon wright('s) Mother, Roadhead
Jun 26, 1827  (unnamed), John Scoon's Son *** Newstead Mill
Jan 19, 1828   Robert Scoon, Farmer Todshawhill
May 11, 1829 John Scoon, in Branxholmpark
Oct 8, 1829     Margaret Scott, spouse of John Scoon, Todshawhill
Nov 12, 1830 Margaret Scoon, daughter of Robert Scoon of Todshawhill
Nov 13, 1830 Mary Scoon, daughter of Robert Do, both interred in one grave, pox
Sep 10, 1831  Mary Scoon, spouse of Deceased Thomas Kedie, Baker
May 14, 1832 Walter Scoon, shoemaker, Kirkstylefoot
Nov 1, 1832   Robert Scoon, carter forerow
Sep 9, 1835    (unnamed), Andrew Scoon wright's child
Mar 9, 1837    Mary Scoon  (St Boswells)
May 2, 1837   Betty Scoon, Selkirk (Selkirk)
Jul 14, 1837    (unnamed), Andrew Scoon wright's child
Aug 14, 1837  Janet Scoon, spouse of deceased Peter Young, dyer
Jan 7, 1838     William Scoon, a child (St Boswells)
Feb 28, 1841  Mrs Scoon, Spouse of deceased Robert Scoon Todshawhill

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