This table shows the entries in the Lang registers for Gretna Green which include individuals with the surname SCOON, together with such additional information as I can trace which would help to identify the subjects.

Date Groom Parish Bride Parish Notes Subsequent record entries
9 Jun 1832 William Scoon Cannaby Mary Barns Abbey Holme Census records show spelling as SCONE; settled in Cumberland; living descendants Census Aspatria 1841/51/61/71; 10 children
28 Mar 1833 John Scoon Langholm Agness Robinson Langholm Later records suggests bride as Agnes ROBSON; apparent later OPR entry in Langholm 25 May 1833; remained in Langholm; living Scoon descendants Census Langholm 1841/51/61 
8 Mar 1857 Robert Skellom Canonbie Elizabeth Scoon Langholm Census suggests actual surname was SKILLIN; Elizabeth's DC identifies her as natural daughter of Margaret Scoon (later married to John Irving - probably actually David Irving) Census Canonbie 1861/71 Robt/Eliz; Carlisle 1881 Eliz; Motherwell 1901 Eliz; Elizabeth's DC 1910
18 Sep 1875 William Scoon Langholm Elizabeth Fisher Langholm remained in Langholm; living Scoon descendants Marriage recorded in statutory index 1889;
21 Oct 1877 John Morton Falkirk Mary Elizabeth Scoon Langholm Mary's DC identifies her as daughter of Robert Scoon and Elizabeth Park Census Main St Falkirk 1881/91/1901; Mary's DC 1912; 9 children
7 Aug 1886 James W Scott Langholm Janet Scoon Langholm    

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