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Note that it is likely that some records for Mussel may have been recorded under the general location of Strathmore, so it is worth checking there if the items below don't include what you are looking for.

Year Reference Detail Source
1678 (MUSSAL) Reay Estate Rent Roll Rorie m'ean vic Conil vic Finla, 50
Donald m'ean vic Conl., 50
1768 Baptism 5 Apr 1768, John, son of William Mackay (aliases) in Mussel OPR/IGI
1770 Baptism 9 Dec 1770, Hugh, son of William Calder OPR/IGI
1778 Baptism 28 Jun 1778, Donald, son of William Mackay (Mackenzie) Tenant in Mussel OPR/IGI
1781 Baptism 9 Jun 1781, John, son of William Mackay (aliases) Tenant in Mussel and Mary Mackay OPR/IGI
1786 Baptism 4 Mar 1786, George, son of William Mackay (aliases) Tenent in Mussel and Mary Mackay OPR/IGI
1787 Baptism 9 Sep 1787, Catharine, dau of William Mackay (aliases) Tenent in Mussel and Mary Mackay OPR/IGI
1790 Baptism 21 Mar 1790, Mary,  dau of William Mackay (aliases) Tenent in Mussel and Mary Mackay OPR/IGI
1807 (MUSSELL) Baptism Katharine, dau to Hugh McKay and Janet OPR/IGI
1810 Baptism 29 Jan 1810, John, son of Adam Johnston, shepherd OPR/IGI
1810 (MUSSAL) Durness Militia List Dond Campbell Shepherd Mussal A [unfit to serve] Sutherland List (Malcolm Bangor-Jones)
1819 Bighouse Estate Rent Roll Hugh Mackay, Angus Mackay's widow, Dond Mackay, John Mackenzie, John Edgar Sutherland List (Eileen Vasa)
1820 (MURSLE) Map William Forbes National Library of Scotland
1823 (MUSSLE) Map J Thomson A Co Atlas of Scotland National Library of Scotland
1832 Baptism 14 Apr 1832, Mary, dau of William Merchel and Janet Allete OPR/IGI
1841 Census John Paterson, 40, Ag Lab
Lexy Paterson, 30
Jannet Peterson, 12
Isabella Paterson, 10
Jane Paterson, 8
Ellin Paterson, 5
Antony Paterson, 3
not known, 3 m
John Paterson, 30, MS
Duncan Ross, 35. MS
James Paterson, 35, MS
GROS 48/6/p1
1851 Census John Paterson, Shepherd, 50, b Northumberland
Elizabeth Paterson, Wife, 45, b Northumberland
Elizabeth Paterson, Dau, 20, b Durness
Helen Paterson, Dau, 15, b Durness
Anthony Paterson, Son, 12, b Durness
Elizabeth Paterson, Dau, 10, b Durness
George Paterson, Son, 8, b Durness
John N Paterson, Son, 6, b Durness
James McDonald, Visitor, 55, b Argyle
Kerr Armstrong, Visitor, 27, Shepherd, b Cavers
GROS 48/1/4
1861 Census Kerr Armstrong, Shepherd, 39, b Cavers
Jannet Armstrong, Wife, 33. Shepherd's Wife. b Roberton SLK
Mary Armstrong, Dau, 5, b Halkirk
John Armstrong, Son, 3, b Reay CAI
Jane Armstrong, Dau, 1, b Durness
Ann Munro, Serv, 21, Domestic Serv, b Tongue
GROS 48/6/4
1871   Census Kerr Armstrong, Shepherd, 49, b Cavers
Janet Armstrong, Wife, 43, b Roberton, SLK
Mary Armstrong, Dau, 15, Domestic Servant, b Halkirk
John Armstrong, Son, 13, b Reay, CAI
Jane Armstrong, Dau, 11, b Durness
Adam Elliott, Brdr, 21, Shepherd, b Lochbroom
GROS 48/6/13
1881 Census Kerr Armstrong, Shepherd, 59, b Cavers
Jannet Armstrong, Wife, 53, b Roberton, SLK
Jane Armstrong, Dau, 21, Gen Domestic Servant, b Durness
David Oliver, Brdr, 25, Shepherd, b Latheron
Hugh Macdonald, brdr, 30, Shepherd, b Tongue
1887 Marriage 7 Jan 1887, John Brock, Shepherd, Bachelor, 29, and Jane Armstrong, Spinster, Domestic Servant, 26, Mussel m 7 January 1887 Mussel GROS 48/2
1887 Birth Kerr Armstrong Brock, b 7 Feb 1887, to John Brock and Jane ms Armstrong GROS
1890 Birth James Brock. b 3 July 1890., to John Brock and Jane ms Armstrong GROS
1890 Death Jane Brock. ms Armstrong, d 13 November 1890, aged 30 (MI Alltnacaillich) GROS 48/17
1891 Census Kerr Armstrong, Retired Shepherd, 69, b Cavers, ROX
Janet Armstrong, Shepherd's Wife, 68, b Roberton, SLK
John Oliver, Grandson, Scholar, 9, b Durness
Kerr A Brock, Grandson, 4, b Durness
James Brock, Grandson, 9mos, b Durness
Margaret Mackay, Servant, 19, Domestic Servant, b Durness
George McLeod , Visitor, 34, Crofter
1893 Death 4 Sep 1893, Kerr Armstrong, d Mussel aged 71 (MI Alltnacaillich) GROS 48/11
1898 Death 20 Aug 1898, Janet Armstrong, ms Armstrong, d Mussel aged 71 (MI Alltnacaillich) GROS 48/6
1901 Census Unoccupied GROS
1912 (MUISEAL) Map Bartholomew - View Survey Atlas of Scotland, Edinburgh Geographical Institute Sheet 55 National Library of Scotland

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