Strathmore and Loch Hope

This page has been set up initially to provide a simple representation of the locations in Strathmore and close to Loch Hope that are referred to both in the personal family tree information held on this web site and the recordings I made for POSH of the burial grounds at Arnaboll and Allt na Caillich.    I hope that it will be extended to cover further information on the locations as this comes to hand and will welcome any contributions.     (Note: I gather that the POSH data is not currently available on-line - if you have any queries on those cemeteries please contact me by e-mail at

Locations (see map below)
Allnabad The site of a shepherd's house, now abandoned, also a substantial area of terraced grazing.   Located at the top of the road's climb out of Strathmore on the route over to Altnaharra via Loch Meadie.    (More)   Picture of Allnabad looking north to Ben Hope       Picture of Allnabad looking west to Glen Golly
Allt na Caillich Named after the burn of the same name (The Stream of the Old Woman) which comes down from the southern slopes of Ben Hope to Strathmore.    The site of a small burial ground covering Strathmore.     Now the location for the modern estate buildings. (Picture of Allt na Caillich cemetery)      (More)
Arnaboll Located on the west side of Loch Hope about a mile south of Hope, this is the site of a burial ground used by families on the east and south of Loch Eriboll.    The original shepherd's house is now beautifully maintained by the children of Durness Primary School. (Picture of Arnaboll, overlooking Braesgill and Ben Hope)       (More)
Badnaquine A shepherd's house at the entrance to Glen Golly.    Links to MIs at Allt na Caillich.      (More)
Ben Hope The most northerly 'Munro' which dominates the east side of Loch Hope and Strathmore.       
Blaid The original village was cleared before1820.    The location became the site of a shepherd's house, now abandoned, and sheepfold.      (More)       Picture of site including current sheepfold.
Braesgill Small settlement on east side of Loch Hope opposite Arnaboll.
Cashel Dhu The site of the ford by which the old road from Eriboll crossed the Strathmore River close to its entry to Loch Hope.      (More)
Crannich About one mile north of Blaid.        (More)
Dun Dornaigil An ancient broch close to Allt na Caillich, which is the most impressive of a number of ancient sites in Strathmore.
Eriboll The main settlement on the east side of Loch Eriboll.    From here the old road to Loch Hope and Strathmore headed over the hills to Cashel Dhu.    Various MIs at Arnaboll.        (More)
Freisgill A remote shepherd's house some 4 miles north of Hope Ferry with MIs recorded at Allt na Caillich.     (More)
Gobernuisgach Sited at the south west end of Strathmore, this is the location of the lodge house for the estate of the same name.        (More)         Picture of the current lodge house looking southwest.
Heilam Farm on the east side of Loch Eriboll about 3 miles north of Eriboll.    Some MIs recorded at Arnaboll.       (More)
Hope Crossing point at the north end of Loch Hope.     Meeting point of the Moine Road to Tongue and the road down the east side of Loch Hope. Originally the crossing point was the site of the ferry and the lodge.    Hope may have been the name for the settlement now known as Lochside about one mile to the south.       (More)
Inverhope A shepherd's house about one mile north of Hope Ferry.       (More)
Loch Eriboll Major sea loch famously used as a base by naval vessels during WWII.   Undiscovered Scotland's description can be visited here      A description of the area's geology from the School of Earth Sciences at Leeds University can be visited here.
Loch Hope Stretches from Hope to the foot of Ben Hope.
Muiseal Situated close to the modern car park for Ben Hope, this was a shepherd's house (Anglicised as Mussel), the remains of which seem to have been incorporated in the modern cowshed.    MIs recorded at Allt na Caillich.     (More)      Pictures looking North showing Mussel in mid distance at the foot of Ben Hope and in the foreground looking South up Strathmore from the slopes of Ben Hope.
Strabeg Isolated shepherd's house south of Loch Eriboll in Strath Beag.     Some MIs at Arnaboll.         (More)
Strathmore Stretches from the south end of Loch Hope until the Strathmore River breaks up into its constituent tributaries.      Various references in records refer only to Strathmore rather than the individual sites.    Where it has not been possible to assign these to sites they have been listed at Strathmore records

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