Grid Reference: NC441421

Year Reference Detail Source
1841 Census No entry, but see family below at Gobersnuisgach  
1851 (BADNACUINHAR) Census John McIntosh, Shepherd, 61, b Eddrachillis
Mary McIntosh, Wife, 60, b Durness
Elizabeth McIntosh, Dau, unm, 26, b Durness
John McIntosh, Son, unm, 33, b Durness
James Campbell, grandson, 3, b Eddrachillis
Effy MacKenzie, sister in law, 39, Pauper, b Eddrachillis
GROS 48/1/6
1861 (BADNAQUIN) Census William McKenzie, (Formerly) Shepherd, 77, b Durness (Blind)
Betsy McKenzie, Wife, 70, bTain
Alexamder McKenzie, Son, unm, 30, Shepherd, b Durness
Betsy Munro, serv, unm, 24, Domestic Servant, b Tongue
GROS 48/6/3
1871  (BADNAQUIN LODGE) Census Alexander Mackenzie, Shepherd, Head, unm, 39, b Durness
Ann MacIntosh, serv, unm, 29, Domestic servant, b Tongue
GROS 48/6/17
1881 Census    
1891 Census None  
1901 Census None  

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