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Grid Reference: NC437417

Year Reference Detail Source
1841 (GOBERSNUISGACH) Census John MacIntosh, Ag Lab, 50
Ann MacIntosh, 20
Betty MacIntosh, 15
John MacIntosh, 12
Hugh MacIntosh, 10
Mary MacIntosh. 8
Robert Ross, 50, Ag Lab
Angus MacKay, 25, Ag Lab
GROS 48/6/p1
1851 (GOBERSNUISGACH) Census James McKenzie, Forester, 36, b Durness
Barbara McKenzie, Wife, 36, b Eddrachillis
John McKenzie, Son, 8, b Eddrachillis
Hugh McKenzie, Son, 6, b Eddrachillis
Robert McKenzie, Son, 4, b Durness
Mary McKenzie, Dau, 2, b Durness
Janet McKenzie, Dau, 6m, b Durness
Catrina McKenzie, Vstr, Mar, 40, b Durness
Janet Campbell, mother, widow, 70, b Durness
Catrine Ross, Serv, unm, 20, House Servant, b Lairg
Hector McDonald, Vstr, unm, 36, Fisher, b Durness

GROS 48/1/5
1861 (GOBERNUISGUICH HOUSE) Census John McKenzie, Deer Forester, 48, b Assynt
Isabella McKenzie, Wife, 42, b Kincardine
Hugh McKenzie, Son, unm, 15, b Farr
George McKenzie, Son, 11, b Farr
Hector McKenzie, Son, 9, b Farr
Mary McKenzie, Dau, 6, b Farr
Isabella McKenzie, Dau, 4, b Farr
Catherine McKenzie, Dau, 1, b Eddrachillis
Robina McKay, Serv, 22, Domestic Servant, b Tongue
GROS 48/6/2
1871   Census John Mackenzie, Forester, 57, b Assynt
Isabella Mackenzie, wife, 52, b Kincardine
John Mackenzie, son, unm, 22, Forester, b Farr
George Mackenzie, son, unm, 20, b Farr
Hector Mackenzie, son, unm, 18, Asst forester, b Farr
Mary Mackenzie, dau, 15, Domestic servant, b Farr
Isabella Mackenzie, dau, 13, b Farr
Catherine Mackenzie, dau, 11, sch, b Durness
Donald Whyte, vstr, unm, 29, b Durness
GROS 48/6/16
Forester's House
1881 Census John Mackenzie, Forester, 32, b Farr
Henrietta Mackenzie, wife, 28, b Tongue
Hellen Mackenzie, dau, 5, b Tongue
John Mackenzie, son, 3, b Durness
Sinclair Hugh Mackenzie, son, 1, b Durness
Marion ?, serv, unm, 18, Gen serv domestic, b Eddrachillis
Neil Mackay, vstr, unm 34, Farm servant, b Durness
Donald White, vstr, mar, 39, Retired teacher, b Durness
GROS 48/6/15
Forester's House
1891 Census James Munro, Deer Forester, Head, unm, 28, b Tongue
Josephina Munro, suster, unm, 22, Housekeeper, b Tongue
James Munro, brdr, unm, 27, Deer forester, b Stornoway
Donald White, vstr, mar, 49, Crofter, b Durness
GROS 48/6/13
Forester's House
1901 Census James Munro, Forester, 38, b Tongue
Georgina Munro, wife, 33, b Tongue
Hugh Munro, son, 3, b Durness
Jessie Munro, dau, 11m, b Durness
John Mackenzie, brdr, unm, 28, Forester, b Durness
Maggie MacKay, serv, unm, 23, Gen serv domestic, b Tongue
Jessie Mackay, vstr, mar, 30, b Tongue
Donald Whyte, vstr, mar, 59, Crofter, b Durness
GROS 48/6/12
Forster's House

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