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Year Reference Detail Source
1593/96 (FROTTHSGILL) Map Location Pont Map 2 National Library of Scotland
1642/54 (FROTHSGILL,FORTSGILL) Map Location Blaeu Atlas Strathvernia/Extima Scotiae - Bleau/Gordon National Library of Scotland
1678 (FROSKILL) Reay Estate Rent Roll Neil m'homash 25, John weaver 25, Thomas weaver 25  
1767 Baptism 8 March 1767, Donald, son to Donald Mackay OPR/IGI
1768 Baptism 25 Sep 1768, Janet, dau to John Mackay OPR/IGI
1770 Baptism 29 Apr 1770, Alexander, son to Donald Mackay OPR/IGI
1771 Baptism 21 Jul 1771, Elizabeth, dau to John Mackay OPR/IGI
1774 Baptism 14 Aug, 1774, William, son to John McMillan OPR/IGI
1805 (FRASKILL) Baptism 14 Mar 1805, Hugh, son to Alexander McKay OPR/IGI
1805 (FRASKILL) Baptism 7 Jun 1805, Isobel, dau to James McKay OPR/IGI
1805 (FRASKILL) Baptism 4 Oct 1805, Johan Scobie, dau to Donald Morrison OPR/IGI
1807   Baptism Katharine, dau to George Orr OPR/IGI
1808 (FRESKILL) Baptism 3 Jul 1808, William, son to Robert and Jannet McKay OPR/IGI
1808 (FRESKILL) Baptism 10 Nov 1808, Kenneth, son to Robert McDonald and Katherine McLeod OPR/IGI
1810 (FRASKIL) Durness Militia List Angus Munro Herd Sutherland List (Malcolm Bangor Jones)
1812 (FROSKILL) Marriage 17 Feb 1812, Angus Munro, herd at Froskill and Marion Munro OPR/IGI
1813 (FRESKILL) Baptism 13 Jun 1813, James, son to Angus Munro and Marion Munro OPR/IGI
1819 (FRESGILL) Bighouse Estate Rent Roll Angus Munro, George Sutherland, George M'Kay, John Munro, Donald Sutherland  Sutherland List (Eileen Vasa)
1841 (FRESGILL) Census William Munro, Ag Lab, 30
Mary Munro, 35
Mary Munro, 2
Alexander Munro, 10m
Christina Campbell, 15, FS
Alexina Campbell, 13, FS
GROS 48/7/p3
1851 (WHITEN HEAD) Census John Anderson. Shepherd, b Rossshire
Ann Anderson, 26, b Lairg
James Anderson. Son, 4, b Durness
Hugh Anderson, Son, 2, b Durness
Janet Anderson, Dau, 1, b Durness
Maria McKay, Serv, 24, b America
GROS 48/1/1
1861 (FRASH KYLE HOUSE) Census Alexander McKay, Retired Cattle Dealer, 65, b Reay SUT
Henrietta McKay, Wife, 66, b Reay SUT
James McKay, Son, 32, Shepherd, b Tongue
Dolina McKay, Serv, 24, Domestic Servant, b Durness
GROS 48/7/6
1871  (FRESGILL HOUSE) Census George Campbell, Head, Shepherd, unm, 30, b Halkirk
Mary Campbell, sister, unm, 20 Domestic servant, b Halkirk
James Campbell, brother, unm, 18, Joiner, b Halkirk
GROS 48/7/8
1881 (FRAISGILL) Birth Wemyss Grant b 12 March 1881 at Fraisgill, Parish of Durness f William Grant, Shepherd m Mary Grant, ms Armstrong (mar 28/04/1876, Durness) GROS 48/5
1881 Census William Grant Head 31 Shepherd b Reay, CAI
Mary Grant Wife 25 b Halkirk, CAI
Donald Grant Son 4 b Durness
Janet A Grant Dau 2 b Durness
Wemyss Grant Dau <1m b Durness
Johan McPherson Serv U 23 General Domestic Servant b Tongue, G
GROS 48/7/10
1882 (FRAISGILL) Birth Mary Grant b 19 October 1882 at Fraisgill, Parish of Durness f William Grant, Shepherd m Mary Grant, ms Armstrong1882/48/17 GROS 48/17
1885 (FRESGILL) Birth Thomas Kerr Armstrong Grant b 3 February 1885 at Fresgill, Parish of Durness f William Grant, Shepherd m Mary Grant, ms Armstrong GROS 48/4
War Death
1886 (FRESGILL) Birth Elizabeth GRANT b 3 December 1886 at Fresgill  f William Grant, Shepherd m Mary Grant, ms Armstrong GROS 48/23
1888  (FRAISGILL) Death Mary Grant ms Armstrong wife of Wm McD Grant Shepherd d Fraisgill 31 December 1888.      Buried Allt na Caillich. GROS 48/1
1891 Census William Macdonald Grant Head W 41 Shepherd b Reay
Janet Grant Dau U 12 Scholar b Durness
Wemyss Grant Dau 10 Scholar b Durness
Mary Grant Dau 8 Scholar b Durness
Thomas K A Grant Son 6 Scholar b Durness
Elizabeth Grant Dau 4 Scholar b Durness
Alexandrina Mackay Serv U 35 Housekeeper b Tongue, G & E
Williamina Mackay Tchr U 18 Sub School Teacher b Tongue, G & E
GROS 48/7/9
1901 Census William Grant Head M 51 Shepherd b Reay
Lexy Grant Wife M 46 Shepherd's Wife b Tongue, G & E
Mary Grant Dau U 18 Gen Serv (Domestic) b Durness
Thomas Grant Son U 16 Letter Deliverer b Durness
Elizabeth Grant Dau 14 Scholar b Durness
Robert Campbell Visitor U 28 Ploughman b Durness
GROS 48/7/9
1911 (FRESGILL) Shep's House Census

John Mackay Head 63 G & E Mar Shepherd b Tongue
Johann Mackay 61 G & E Mar (34y) 7 children all living b Tongue
William Mackay 33 G & E Single b Tongue 

GROS 48/7/1 p2

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