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Note that it is likely that some records for Cashel Dhu may have been recorded under the general location of Strathmore, so it is worth checking there if the items below don't include what you are looking for.

Year Reference Detail Source
1829 (CASHELDOU) Baptism 9 Oct 1829, John, son to Donald Gordon and Jannet McKay OPR/IGI
1832 (CASHELDOU) Baptism 18 Nov 1832, Ann, dau to Donald Gordon and Janet McKay OPR/IGI
1841 (CASHILDUBH) Census William MacKenzie, Ag Lab, 55
Mary MacKenzie, 20
Johan MacKenzie, 14
Alexander MacKenzie, 9
Kenneth MacKenzie, 80, MS
John Mathieson, 25, MS
Ketrin(?) MacKay, 55, FS
Betty Munro, 6
GROS 48/6/p1
1851 (CASHELDUE)) Census Donald Munro, Contractor Road, 43, b Tongue
Janet Munro, Wife, 31, b Durness
Eliz Munro, Dau, 13, b Tongue
Margaret Munro, Dau, 9, b Tongue
William Munro, Son, 7, b Lairg
Jameima Munro, Dau, 4, b Durness
Dolley Munro, Day, 2, b Durness
William McKenzie, Innkeeper, 67, b Durness
Betsy McKenzie, Wife, 60, b Tain
Betsy McKenzie, Dau, unm, 35, b Durness
Alexander McKenzie, Son, unm, 21, Shepherd, b Durness
James McIntyre, Shepherd, 35, b Durness
Johan McIntyre, Wife, 25, b Durness
Donald McIntyre, Son, 2m(?), b Durness
Ewen McIntyre, Son, ?, b Durness
Isabella McKay, serv, 30, House Servant, b Durness
Alexander McDonald, vstr, 55, b Invernessshire
Johanna Sutherland, vstr, 17, b Durness
GROS 48/1/7

GROS 48/1/8

GROS 48/1/9
1855 (CASHILDHU) Map W & A K Johnson, Edinburgh (Burnett & Scott Trig Survey 1830/1)            National Library of Scotland
1861 (CASHELDHU) Census Donald Munro, Road Contractor, 53, b Tongue
Jannet Munro, Wife, 46, b Durness
Elizabeth Munro, Dau, unm, 23, b Tongue
Margaret Munro, Dau, unm, 20, b Tongue
William Munro, Son, unm, 18, Workman to his father, b Tongue
Jemima Munro, Dau, unm, 14, b Durness
Dolina Munro, Dau, 10, b Durness
Isabella Munro, Dau, 8, b Durness
Kennethina Munro, Dau, 4, b Durness
John McIntosh, (Formerly) Shepherd, 70, b Assynt
Mary McIntosh, Wife, 68, b Durness
Elizabeth McIntosh, Dau, unm, 35, b Durness
John McIntosh, Son, unm, 31, Shepherd, b Durness
Harry Munro, Boarder, unm, 22, Asst Shepherd, b Tongue
Effy McKenzie, vstr, unm, 66, b Durness
GROS 48/6/5

GROS 48/6/6

1871   Census Mary McIntosh, Shepherd's widow, 80, b Durness
John McIntosh, son, unm, 40, Shepherd, b Durness
Elizabeth McIntosh, dau, unm, 46, b Durness
Mary McIntosh, dau, unm, 36, d Durness
John McIntosh, grandson, 7, sch, b Durness
Mary McIntosh, granddaughter, 3, sch, b Durness
Robert Gunn, lodger, unm, 30, Shepherd, b Tongue
John Mackay, grandson, 8, sch, b Durness
Elizabeth Munro, Housekeeper, unm, 32, b Tongue
Margrat Munro, sister, unm, 29, b Durness
Jemma Munro, sister, unm, 24, b Durness
Isabella Munro, sister, unm, 17, b Durness
Catherine Munro, sister, unm, 14, b Durness
Donald Munro, nephew, 5, sch, b Durness
Jane Learmonth, niece, 4m, b Durness
Donald Mackay, vstr, unm, 23, Merchant, b Durness
GROS 48/6/11

GROS 48/6/12
1881 Census
1891 (CASHELDHU) Census John McIntosh, Shepherd, unm, 60, b Durness
Mary McIntosh, sis, unm, Housekeeper, b Durness
John Murray, nephew, unm, 28, Gamekeeper, b Durness
Jamesina Sutherland, niece, unm, 39, Domesic servant, b Durness
Dolina Munro, serv, unm, 22, Domestic servant, b Durness
John Macdonald, brdr, unm, 40, Shepherd, b Durness
Janet Munro, Head, Roadman's widow, 75, b Durness
Elspeth Munro, dau, unm, 51, Domestic servant, b Tongue
Kennethina Munro, dau, unm, 31, Domestic servant, b Durness
Daniel Munro, grandson, unm, 24, Roadman, b Durness
William Munro, grandson, unm, 17, Shepherd, b Durness
Mary Mackenzie, niece, 7, sch, b Lairg
GROS 48/6/9
Shepherd's House

GROS 48/6/10
1901 (CASHELDHUE) Census Christopher Matheson, Shepherd, mar, 31, b Durness
John Matheson, niece, 15, Gen Serv Domestic, b Durness
John Macdonald, brdr, unm, 50, Shepherd, b Durness
Donald Munro, Crofter, unm, 38, b Durness
Jannet Munro, grandmother, widow, 80, b Durness
Elsie Munro, aunt, unm, 60, Family Cook Domestic, b Durness
William Munro, cousin, unm, 28, Shepherd, b Durness
GROS 48/6/9
Shepherd's House

GROS 48/6/10
Crofter's House
1927/8 Map OS 1927/8 1" (Popular) Sheet 10 Tongue
National Library of Scotland

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