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Grid Reference: NC474602

Year Reference Detail Source
1593/96 (HOUP) Map Location Pont Map 2 National Library of Scotland
1642/54 (HOUP) Map Location Blaeu Atlas Strathvernia/Extima Scotiae - Bleau/Gordon National Library of Scotland
1765 Baptism 17 Nov 1765, John, son to Neil Mackay OPR/IGI
1767 Baptism 8 Feb 1767, James, son to Neil Mackay OPR/IGI
1773 Baptism 27 Jan 1773, Elizabeth, dau to Robert McRob OPR/IGI
1774 Baptism 3 Apr 1774, James, son to Donald Bayn OPR/IGI
1775 Baptism 14 May 1775, Joanna, dau to Angus Munro OPR/IGI
1805 Baptism 26 Jan 1805, Kathrine, dau to Donald McKay OPR/IGI
1805 Baptism 14 Jun 1805, Niel, son to John McKay OPR/IGI
1805 Baptism 8 Nov 1805, Katharine, dau to Angus Ross OPR/IGI
1807 Baptism 30 May 1807, Donald, son to Donald McKay OPR/IGI
1808 Baptism 15 Feb 1808, Dol, dau to James McLeod (baptised at Badlehavish) OPR/IGI
1808 Baptism 31 Oct 1808, Jannet, dau to John McKay and Catherine McLeod OPR/IGI
1809 Baptism 23 Jan 1809, Elspet or Elizabeth, dau to Robert and Mary McKay OPR/IGI
1809 Durness Militia List William Sutherland Serv Sutherland List (Sue Mackay)
1810 Baptism 12 Mar 1810, Alexander, son to Donald Mackay OPR/IGI
1810 Baptism 22 Oct 1810, Barbara, dau to James McKay OPR/IGI
1811 Baptism 5 Feb 1811, John, son to Alexander Calder OPR/IGI
1811 Baptism 12 Feb 1811, James, son to John McKay OPR/IGI
1813 Baptism 17 May 1813, Jannet, dau to Donald McKay and Jannet McLeod OPR/IGI
1813 Baptism 17 May 1813, Alexander, nat son to Donald McIntosh and Elizabeth McKay OPR/IGI
1819 (HOPE and INVERHOPE) Bighouse Estate Rent Roll Don M'Kay, Dond M'Leod, James M'Kay, Rob M'Kay, Don M'Kay, Ann Rose, Dond M'Rob Sutherland List (Eileen Vasa)
1823 Marriage 1 Sep 1823, Hugh McKay shepherd and Ann McKay, late serv to Geo McKay at Hope OPR/IGI
1823 Baptism 6 Nov 1823, John, son to William McKenzie and Maria McKay OPR/IGI
1841 Census Alexander Munro, Ferryman, 30
Catherine Munro, 40
Colin C McKay, 20, Army
Hugh McKay, 15
Christina McKay, 14
James McKay, 20, Mason
Henry Calder, 45, FS
Andrew Patterson, Ag Lab, 42
Isabella Patterson, 32
Anthony Patterson, 14
Ann Patterson, 12
Jane Patterson, 10
William Patterson, 8
Helen Patterson, 5
Margaret Patterson, 3
James Patterson, 1
Christina McLeod, 80
James McIntyre, 27, Ag Lab
Alexander Rankin, 55, Ag Lab
GROS 48/7/p3
1851 Census John Camerson, Fisherman, 32, b Tongue
Henrietta Cameron, Wife, 31, b Tongue
Donaldina Cameron, Dau, 3, b Tongue
George Cameron, Son, 1, b Tongue
Janet McKay, Mother in law, 57, b Tongue
Mary McKay, Sister in law, 22, b Tongue
Neill McKay, Brother in law, 20, Ferryman, b Tongue
William Munro, Shepherd, 42, b Farr
Mary Munro, Wife, 46, b Eddrachillis
Mary Munro, Dau, 12, b Tongue
Alexander Munro, Son, 10, b Durness
Robert Munro, Son, 8, b Durness
Margaret Munro, Dau, 8, b Durness
Christina Munro, Dau, 6, b Durness
Janet Munro, Dau, 4, b Durness
Barbara McKay, Serv, unm, 17, House Servant, b Durness
GROS 48/1/2

GROS 48/1/3

1861 Census William Munro, Shepherd, 52, b Farr
Mary Munro, Wife, 56, b Eddrachillis
Mary Munro, Dau, unm, 22, b Tongue
Alexander Munro, Son, unm, 20, Shepherd, b Durness
Margaret Munro, Dau, unm, 18, b Durness
Christina Munro, Dau, unm, 16, b Durness
Jane Munro, Dau, unm, 14, b Durness
Janet McKay, Head, Widow, 68, b Tongue
Neill McKay, Son, unm, 30, Ferryman, b Tongue
Mary McKay, Dau, unm, 32, b Tongue
Charles Cameron, grandson, unm, 9, b Durness
GROS 48/7/4 (Hope House)

GROS 48/7/5 (East Hope Ferry House)
1871   Census Neil McKay, Ferryman, 40, b Tongue
Mary McKay, wife, 32, b Tongue
Charles Cameron, niece(sic) (Male), unm, 19, Ag Lab b Durness
Betsy Munro, serv, unm, 15, Domestic servant, b Tongue
Alexander McKay, vstr, unm, 25, Shepherd, b Rogart
Robert Swanson, vstr, unm, 29, Shoemaker, b Durness
Alexander McKay, Ret shepherd, 75, b Reay, CAI
Henrietta McKay, wife, 76, b Reay, CAI
James McKay, son, unm, 42, Shepherd, b Tongue
James Munro, grandson, 8, sch, b Tongue
John Munro, grandson, 5, sch, b Tongue
Barbara Gunn, serv, 27, Domestic serv, b Tongue
Alexander McKay, lodger, b Farr
George Percy, Manager of Salmon Fishery, 31, b England
Elizabeth Percy, wife, 31, b Allouton, Berwick
Elizabeth Percy, dau, 3, b England
David Percy, son, 1, b Durness

GROS 48/7/4
Hope House

GROS 48/7/5

GROS 48/7/6

GROS 48/7/7
Inver House
1881 Census
1891 Census Neil McKay, Ferryman, 60, b Tongue
Mary McKay, wife, 52, b Tongue
Margaret Munro, sister-in-law, unm, 48, b Durness
Christopher M Ross, nephew, 2, b Tongue
Duncan Ross, Gamekeeper, unm, 39, b Creich
Margaret Ross, serv, unm, 56, Housekeeper, b Creich
Robert MacKay, Shepherd, 47, b Kildonan
Elizabeth MacKay, wife, 45, b Kildonan
Neil Mackay, son, unm, 18, shepherd, b Lochs
Annie Elizabeth Mackay, dau, unm, 17, b Lochs
James Sutherland Mackay, son, unm, 15, b Kildonan
William Mackay, head, unm, 30, b Durness
James Mackay, brother, unm, 77 , b Durness
Barbara Mackay, sister, unm, 70, b Durness
Tina Mackay, serv, unm, 19, general servant, b Tongue

GROS 48/7/5
Ferry House

GROS 48/7/6
Gamekeeper's House

GROS 48/7/7
Shepherd's House

GROS 48/7/8
Salmon Curer's House
1901 Census Neil McKay, Ferryman, 71, b Tongue
Mary McKay, wife, 69, b Durness
Hugh Munro, Gamekeeper, unm, 32, b Farr
George Munro, brother, unm, 29, Labourer (Gen), b Farr
Mary Munro, aunt, unm, 59, Gen servant domestic. b Farr
Catherine McKay, Housekeeper (Domestic), widow, 54, b Tongue
Maggie McKay, dau, unm, 24, Gen servant (Dom), b Edinburgh St Cuthberts
GROS 48/7/5
Ferry House

GROS 48/7/6
Gamekeeper's House

GROS 48/7/7
Hope Lodge

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