Grid Reference: NC4542 to NC4551

Note this set of references covers cases where the site of the event is recorded purely as Strathmore rather than one of the specific locations within it - mainly Alltnacaillich, Blaid, Cashel Dhu, Crannich and Mussel.

Year Reference Detail Source
1770 Baptism 10 Dec 1770, Ann, dau to Hector Bayn OPR/IGI
1771 Baptism 4 Feb 1771, Jean, dau to George Morrison OPR/IGI
1806 Baptism 27 Apr 1806, Ephie, dau to Hector McKay OPR/IGI
1809 Baptism 7 May 1809, Hector, son of Murdo Mackay OPR/IGI
1813 Marriage 15 Jun 1813 Alexander Morrison, widower Strathmore and Mary Mackenzie, servant, Eriboll Mains OPR/IGI
1813 Marriage 14 Dec 1813 Donald Morrison Strathmore and Marion Mackay, Huinliam OPR/IGI
1818 Marriage Sep 1818 William Mackay, Blaid to - McPherson, Strathmore OPR/IGI
1819 Bighouse Estate Rent Roll Gee Morison, Angus Roy, Angus M'Kay, John Mackay, Hugh M'Angus, Murdo Bain, Angus Oag, Rob M'Pherson, James M'Kenzie's widow Sutherland List (Eileen Vasa)
1824 Baptism Sep 1824 David, son to Alexander Gordon and Betsy Ross OPR/IGI
1829 Baptism 10 Jul 1829 George, son to John Munro and Ann Mathieson OPR/IGI
1830 Baptism 20 Mar 1830, Isabell, dau to John McKay and Jean Morrison OPR/IGI
1830 Baptism 24 Jul 1830 Barbara, dau to William Munro and Ann McKay OPR/IGI
1830 Baptism 29 Jul 1830 Robina, dau to Alexander McKenzie and Ninnie Dingwall OPR/IGI

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