(also CRAINICH )

Grid Reference: NC456439

Note that it is likely that some records for Crannich may have been recorded under the general location of Strathmore, so it is worth checking there if the items below don't include what you are looking for.

Year Reference Detail Source
1809 (CRAINICH) Durness Militia List Donald McKay Innkeeper Sutherland List (Sue Mackay)
1811 Marriage 28 Feb 1811, David Mackay (Blaid) to Marion McLeod dau of Donald McLeod tenant at Crannich, Strathmore OPR/IGI
1811 Marriage 16 Aug 1811, Wm Mackay bro to above David to Barbara Mackay dau to Robert Mackay, tenant (?Miller) at Crannich OPR/IGI
1841 Census None
1851 Census None
1861 Census None
1871   Census None
1881 Census None
1891 Census None
1901 Census None

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