SCOON One Name Study

Welcome to the SCOON one-name study Home Page.           This site supplements the data already loaded to the archives of the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONs registered number 5642).       That data consists of the Scoon entries present in the statutory Indexes to Births, Marriages and Deaths in England and Wales (from 1837) and Scotland (from 1855).      The profile for the study can be accessed at GOONS Profile and the data can be searched at GOONS Archive Search.          

These additional pages aim to record additional local information which I have collected so far from a variety of sources.       As this work has been collected at various stages during my personal family history research the formats and coverage vary.      I hope eventually to standardise this but there's always something new to do!      Please note that the OPR data is my transcription from on-line digital or microfilm copies of the originals.    If these seem to fit your tree please do check back with these originals - you may additional valuable context and it is worth checking that your interpretation concurs with mine.  

In addition to SCOON, I have collected a substantial amount of data on variants including SCOONS, SCON, SCONE, SCONES, SCOONE, SCOONES, SCOONS, SCHON, SCHOON, etc. although I have only included a small proportion of this on the site.

My personal interest in Scoon comes from my 4th Great Grandmother Janet Scoon born near Hawick in 1771.   She can be found on my birth brief  here.     I started my one name study to find out more about her, but have added little to that part of my tree!    I have, however, become fascinated by what I have found out about the spread of this and linked Scoon families from the Scottish borders and their  history as they travelled to many parts of the globe.

The data loaded at this time consists of:

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